Philippe Naman




I’d never thought of a perfect touch.
I didn’t hope to receive so much :
A nimble brush for a real surprise,
A fleeting bridge and a new world rise.

Feels good to be awake,
But how could it be so late ?

The distance left was about a breath
When my scepticism met your lovely wraith,
And this happening, like an appointment there,
Took me under an unexpected care.

Short distance for a man,
But then the journey began !

In the course of the seasons,
The way’s not fruitful for everyone.
So I know what I owe
To all that you’ve brought on.

Depraved routine would have blinded me,
In such a life where it hurts for free,
If she hadn’t played me without a word,
The best song ever of a young night bird.

What would remain at last ?
You disappeared so fast !


And then around, around, around you ;
The lights, the smoke, the lights around you…
And then it turned, it turned around you ;
The lights, the smoke, the world around you…
(and then I’ve lost you !)


© Philippe Naman





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